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The 2015 Annual Comprehensive Report shows the sustainable and financial results of Grupo LALA, S.A.B. de C.V. in Mexico, Guatemala, and Nicaragua. It highlights economic, social, and environmental actions in accordance with version G4 of the Global Reporting Initiative methodology, under the essential <<in accordance >> option of the Guideline.

The information shown in our fifth report is for the period from January 01 to December 31, 2015, and provides continuity to the results submitted in the last report from 2014.

The information contained in the chapter “Lala Cares for You” states the most important actions taken during 2015. We also contemplated the principles of the Sustainability Index proposed by the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV), and the principles of the Global Compact.

As per the principles defining the quality of this report, we present material aspects resulting from an analysis that prioritized those aspects with the greatest relevance for the company and our stakeholders.

We applied comparability criteria to our charts, graphs and figures contrasting these data with the data submitted two periods ago. This report was verified by Adriana Pulido Sandoval.

For more information on compliance with GRI indicators please check: www.grupolala.com